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My outreach work here in Santiago is still very limited as I do not yet speak spanish well enough.


In the past, I have given numerous public lectures, organized public cinema and lecture series, larger astronomical outreach events, etc.


The program that I undoubtedly enjoyed most was 'The Inflativerse', that I have started and run together with Nina Hatch and Evelyn Johnston at The University of Nottingham. The School of Physics & Astronomy purchased an inflatable planetarium for this project, to be taken to ~10 schools per year for educational purposes. Additionally, we participated in several other events (e.g. science fairs, Nottingham Light Night). I was the main manager of this project until I left Nottingham. In those 2 years, we had ~5000 people visiting our shows, building a successful and sustainable outreach program for the School of Physics & Astronomy in Nottingham.


Here's 2 videos about the project:



(Other to what many blogs say, we did neither develop, build nor invent the inflatable planetarium, we just used it. Although, of course, it was flattering that people thought we had.)

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