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Since November 2015, I work at ESO/Santiago as a Operational Staff Astronomer, working at UT2 and UT1 at the VLT, the flagship facility of European astronomy. Besides my nightly/daily duties, I serve as Instrument Scientist for FLAMES and KMOS. In the past, also for VIRCAM.

I am the Survey Scientist for the (public ESO) VIDEO survey and a member of numerous other collaborations, e.g. CANDELS, GAMA, MegaMorph, STAGES, GEMS, EUCLID.

In my research, I am trying to understand galaxy formation and evolution in general and especially the transformation of galaxies from the blue star-forming galaxies in the 'blue cloud' to the passive galaxies on the 'red sequence'. For this I have developed several techniques and some public software packages,  that help us to measure the structural key parameters needed for this work. For example, these packages allow the measurement of Bulge/Disk parameters in unprecedented detail.


For more details, please check my Bio and Science pages.

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